Strawberry Blonde Hair Color

So you think you have won half the battle if you have decided to color your precious locks, right?
NO! Selecting a right hair color according to your skin tone is the foremost thing you need to decide before jumping into the decision of coloring your hair. It is also essential to know the latest trends and the color that’s “in” this season. Strawberry blonde hair color is one of a kind, a head turner as well as a beautiful shade to go for.

Beauty of Strawberry blonde hair color

Strawberry blonde hair color is a striking beautiful shade and it’s a rare natural hair color to truly be born with and there is a myth that comes with it, that someone born with strawberry blonde hair was lucky. It is neither blonde nor red but something in-between with gorgeous flecks of spun gold’s. And historically there have always been two hair colors that have been considered to be the definitions of sexy and beautiful – Blondes and Redheads. And when it’s strawberry blonde hair color the confidence automatically boosts.
If change is needed or desired strawberry blonde hair color are a wonderful alternative to add or ask for this season as a highlight.

Selecting the right tone:

When it comes to tones you will have three options: cool, neutral or warm.

Cool tones have undertones of blues and greens, and are sometimes referred to as ash tones. They can be harder to see in darker levels, but at lighter levels they produce a champagne or icy blonde.
Neutral tones are a balance of warm and cool and do not fall heavily at either side of the line.

Warm tones have reds, oranges and gold’s as the dominant colors, represented in shades such as chestnut brown at a lower levels and strawberry blonde hair color at the higher levels.

The thing you need to remember the most about hair coloring for the “client as well as hair dresser” scarett johanssonis to get a picture of the color you exactly want. Amy Adams, Isla Fisher, Julia Roberts and Scarlett Johansson are amongst few of the celebrities who are spotted with strawberry blonde hair color now and then. So you can easily carry one of those celebrities’ picture with strawberry blond hair color- to your hair dresser.
The best thing about strawberry blonde hair color is that it never looks dull and adds fun and spark to monotonous routine. The playful light effect of strawberry blonde hair color brings in additional charisma to your personality.

Recommended strawberry blonde hair color:

Revlon – Colorsilk in 72 Strawberry Blonde has got positive reviews from the users. This product comes with an instruction booklet with plastic gloves (one size fits all) attached on the inside of the booklet.
It also comes with a tube of color and a white applicator bottle filled with conditioning ingredients that is used to apply the color all over (or touch up) once the tube of color has been completely poured into it.
It also comes with a conditioner packet that has a gel cream texture and applies very smooth and creamy. The conditioner is an after color conditioner and is applied to the hair once all of the color has been rinsed clear out of the hair. This conditioner is left on for 2 – 3 minutes. It leaves hair soft and shiny.
So next time when you want to have some fun try strawberry hair color on your tresses and walk down the street with panache.