Dirty Blonde Hair Color

Marilyn Monroe is a blonde that just not gentlemen prefer, in a survey conducted by Clairol Nice ‘n Easy, Marilyn Monroe was named the greatest blonde of all time—Cameron Diaz, Scarlett Johansson, and Charlize Theron all made the list too.

Stars like Lauren Conrad, Drew Barrymore, Sienna Miller, Jennifer Aniston, Miley Cyrus have experimented with just about every shade under the sun, but it’s their almost dirty-blonde hair color that is the most flattering with their complexions.
With the style icons opting for dirty blonde hair color, it may also inspire you get a new look this season.

How beautiful “dirty” can look?

miley cyrus's dirty blonde hair Dirty blonde hair color is dark blond with flecks of golden blond and brown. In contemporary popular culture, it is often stereotyped that men find blond women more attractive than women with other hair colors. Some women have reported they feel other people expect them to be more fun-loving after having lightened their hair.

May it be the greatest blonde of all the time Marilyn Monroe or the teenage rockstar Miley Cyrus, their dirty blonde hair colors are worth a try.

Things to remember before getting a dirty blonde hair color:

  • Don’t rush it. First and foremost, is not to move up the color spectrum too quickly. If you go too light, too fast, your hair can get dry and damaged, which isn’t pretty regardless of your hair color. So be patient, heed your colorists advice, and move at the pace they recommend.
  • Bring a picture. This makes it much easier for your stylist to understand what you want. So take a picture of your favorite celebrity with dirty blonde hair color with you.
  • Get dirty. Make sure you haven’t washed your hair the day you go to the salon. Having a little buildup of oil will create a natural barrier on your scalp, and will make it more comfortable for you when getting dirty blonde hair color.
  • Don’t try this at home. It is advisable not to go dirty blonde color by yourself, especially if you’re starting with a dark base.
  • Take it easy. Like a Spinning class or a new relationship, dirty blonde hair works better if you baby-step your way into it. Don’t go more than two shades lighter in base color or four to five in highlights in one sitting. Achieving a pretty shade of dirty blonde hair usually takes anywhere from four to six sessions.

Blonde hair color and your skin tone:
Nearly a quarter of women over 18 have dirty blonde hair—by birth or by bottle. But enhancing those light locks or exchanging your darker roots for something fairer is not as easy. Instead, you need to consider your skin tone.
The basic rule of thumb: Don’t go more than two levels—or shades, above or below your natural color.

  • Dirty Blonde hair color for light skin tones :Because you are fairer skinned, stay away from  shades that are white, ash and reddish.
  • Dirty blonde hair color for medium skin tones :Because your skin has more color to it, you can add more color to your hair. A golden hue is beautiful, as is a beige-blonde or even a light blonde.
  • Dirty blonde hair color for dark skin tones: Stick with darker blonde shades on your hair. Remember, you don’t want to move more than two shades from your natural hair color, so if you have dark skin, chances are your hair is naturally darker too. Dirty blond hair color can be beautiful.

Going dirty blonde this season will only enhance your beauty if you carry it with style and charisma. Dirty blonde hair color is not at all dirty in fact it will leave you as well as people around you say “wow”. Go to your hair stylist for a dirty blonde hair color after taking into consideration the above tips and information.