Chestnut Brown Hair Color

Chestnut brown hair is a hair color which is a reddish shade of brown hair. In contrast to auburn hair, chestnut is browner, and it is often referred to as “chestnut brown“. The pigments that cause the coloration of chestnut hair are frequently brown eumelanin with stronger levels of pheomelanin.
If chest brown hair color is the color you want then you are in luck, because this is the easiest color to achieve.
Brown is not boring if applied on right type of hair with respect to its skin tone.

Chestnut Brown Hair with Caramel Highlights

Suitability of chestnut brown hair color:
Chestnut brown hair color will be best for warm toned skin (yellow undertone), although not exclusively. People with cool skin tone (pink undertones) should avoid chestnut brown hair color.


  • Do not use on hair dyed darker than medium brown. If used on blonde hair, you will get a redder result.
  • You need to make sure that your eyebrows match the darkness of the hair. Often, blonde women make the mistake of going too dark and neglecting to darken their eye brows.
  • Do not color your hair if:
  1. You have a rash on your face or sensitive, irritated and damaged scalp.
  2. You have ever experienced any reaction after coloring your hair.
  3. You have experienced a reaction to a temporary “black henna” tattoo in the past.
  • Stay away from jewel tones, especially blue.
  • For clothing and makeup, embrace earth tones like yellows, oranges and medium browns.
  • When it comes to coloring, remember – the shinier, the better! There is simply no such thing as too much shine.

Hair-care for colored hair:
Pre-coloring Hair Care:

  1. Get a trim so that your hair is more manageable and the worst of your split ends are out.
  2. Undergo a deep conditioning treatment a few days before you color your hair.

Post-coloring Hair Care:

  1. Use a shampoo that is meant for color treated hair.
  2. Use a weekly hair mask to prevent the hair color from fading.
  3. Oil, wash, and condition hair at least twice a week.
  4. Do not blow dry your hair using the hot setting.
  5. Do not comb hair when it’s wet. Remove the tangles slowly with your fingers or use a wide-toothed comb.
  6. If possible, use filtered water to wash your hair.
  7. Use a leave-in conditioner for your colored hair. Leave-in conditioners offer manageability all day long, and as most of these contain sunscreen, they protect your hair from harsh UV rays too.
  8. Chlorine can cause lot of damage to your hair. Avoid swimming for a few weeks after you color your hair.

Chestnut brown hair color looks natural and gives shine to your hair if used with proper skin tone. Get the sun kissed locks with chestnut brown hair color.